What Is Esther Rising?

While driving down an old country road I saw 3 abandoned silos off in the distance. The Lord whispered, “Sharrah, you are much like these silos; strategically built for a purpose long forgotten.” Truthfully, my life had become so overgrown with rust and weeds that I was living hidden. Living safe. Living empty. With His voice my heart unlocked my buried secret; I knew I was called for more! I was called for Holy Spirit power. Boldness. Revival. I was called to be an activated silo of the Holy Spirit dispensing the glory of God to feed a world dying of spiritual malnourishment. Miracles, prophecy, healing, Deliverance, you and I can live a life poured out to those in need.

Esther is my favorite example of a silo in the Bible. Esther had stored up her faith in God and in His miracle working power keeping this a secret from those in the palace. When her faith was no longer hidden her boldness rescued and delivered her nation from death. Much like Esther, we are in a season where our faith can no longer be quiet. We must cross the line of safety and culture and become a delivering voice in our land.

Silos are now being released to plant every seed of glory stored up so that the world will know the Lord. We invite you to be a silo, to join the Esther army. All of us together will have enough to feed the world!



Most would describe me as a mother, pastor's wife, and fierce preacher.




Tomi Arayomi is both an apostle and prophet whose life mission is to Restore the Issachar Generation (RIG) by training people to be prophets and prophets to be people. In following the leading of the Lord, Apostle Tomi and his family recently relocated from Nigeria to Houston, Texas. They are now lead Apostles at RIG Global Church in Houston. The ministry has been established in 6 continents including many nations within these continents. 

Tahmar Arayomi is a prophetess who is dedicated to setting women up for a life of consistency and integrity. She walks with women through the faith filled journey of birthing what God has entrusted to them. Tahmar desires to see women truly understand who they are, where they are, and where God is taking them. Founder of Daughters of the Prophet and co-founder of RIG Nation, Tahmar is also a property investor, wife, and mother who resides with her family in Houston, Texas.

Together Tomi and Tahmar oversee RIG Nation. Both are passionate about the mantle God has placed on women in this hour, which is evident in how they champion the Esther Rising Movement led by their spiritual daughter Sharrah Gervais.



We are a movement seeking a real encounter with God, who still heals, sets free, and empowers every believer. RIG Global is not just an audience; we are an army. This army is called to radically shift the culture of this world with God’s love, His voice, His power & our lifestyles.

Join us live (in person in Houston, TX, or online globally) as we mobilize for God’s kingdom! Check out the many ways you can get plugged in to our community at Rig Nation.

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